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Are you a B2B company?

Are you looking for Organic Qualified Leads to increase your Revenue?

Lead generation is a critical topic for any business seeking regular and consistent revenue. Companies utilise a variety of sales and marketing methods to create leads, but it's critical to have well-defined processes in place.

We Solve that through LINKEDIN.

LinkedIn Lead Generation For Accelerated Business Growth

Do you want to reach out to 1,000+ Decision Makers every week? Are you looking to send your message while only conversing with those that want to discuss your proposal?

We at ZEBAQ understand what QULAIFIED LEADS is means for you.

Being the Lead generation Specialist We will create a prospecting campaign using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and organic LinkedIn outreach to engage your prospects in a conversation.

Benefit by Outsourcing Your Lead Generation to ZEBAQ

Effective LinkedIn Messaging.

1,000+ Prospects Each Week.

Increased Network.

Increased Company Following.

15+ Qualified Leads Every Month.

40+ Hot Lead Every Month.

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Sell more and close more with the most accurate B2B company, contact data & Qualified Leads.

Why do you need LinkedIn lead generation?



LinkedIn generates triple the conversions (potential customers turned into paying customers) of Twitter and Facebook.

80 percent of B2B leads can be attributed to LinkedIn, while Twitter and Facebook claim only 20 percent combined.

45 percent of the people consuming LinkedIn content are in upper-level professional occupations.

LinkedIn is the favorite source of quality content for 91 percent of marketing execs.

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Process that cater your expectation

LinkedIn is used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies. With the incredible potential of the LinkedIn platform, our team of experienced professionals works on tailor-made client strategies to create leads through LinkedIn for their business. With diverse business needs across different industry verticals, our team develops the best-suited strategy and offers to get the greatest benefits from the most strongly active lead-generating platform, LinkedIn.

We thoroughly study the clients' businesses and use LinkedIn to determine their business niche.

We thoroughly study the clients' businesses and use LinkedIn to determine their business niche.

We then attempt to discover prospects linked to their business by initializing the classifications on LinkedIn.

Our team searches for professionals and connects them with the right business owners after thoroughly understanding LinkedIn's algorithm.

Our team finds professionals who might offer value to our client's business and sends a consistent number of LinkedIn connect requests to those professionals.

It is important to follow LinkedIn's guidelines and send only relevant connect requests to professionals.

We make sure connect requests are legitimately and organically sent to professionals who may be converted to a possible lead.

Our team creates personalized communications for each prospective lead, addressing their company's needs and why they should engage with us.

This is the most important stage, in which our team takes the time to learn their business, tie it to our client's business, and then deliver personalized communications to each possible lead.

Prospective leads receive only customized communications, not a random messages. This is what differentiates one connect request from another.

Our team follows up with prospective leads diligently in order to set up meetings with the client.

Our team selects a day, date, and time to follow up with each connected prospect.

The follow-ups are arranged in such a way that the client does not fail to notice them.

We create personalized follow-up messages to inquire about the prospect's availability to plan the appointment.

Our team makes every effort to assist our clients in scheduling meetings.

We arrange and reschedule meetings until the best time is found for both parties, and we keep a record of the meetings' follow-ups until the best time is found for both sides.

We make sure to regularly maintain a record of all leads.

This includes tracking the prospects to whom we have sent connect requests, the prospects who have accepted the connect requests, and all prospective leads who have committed to meeting with our customers.

This makes it easier for our clients to retain a record of all LinkedIn actions to aid in measuring the output.

A Monthly Report defined all the progress.

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